Our Story of Anti Aging & Skin Care

Synonymous with harmony and balance between beauty, wellbeing, health and longevity, Clinique La Prairie was founded nine decades ago in Montreux-Clarens, in a dreamy setting on the banks of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Swiss Alps. Since 1931, Clinique La Prairie has fused science and holistic wellness, combined with luxury Swiss hospitality. Since Dr.Paul Niehans developed a cellular therapy with spectacular results to slow down the aging process, Clinique La Prairie has been a pioneer in the field of longevity anti-ageing clinics.

Clinique La Prairie is a pioneer in cell therapy for curbing the aging process with a holistic approach to preventive medicine, combining exceptional medical skin care with scientific innovation and comprehensive well-being, and with the distinctive experience of the most sophisticated luxury hospitality. Now, Clinique La Prairie goes one step further with the introduction of Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics and Medical Spa to Bangkok, Thailand.