The 4-Pillar Philosophy of Health & Wellbeing

At Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics and Medical Spa, we believe in a holistic and preventative approach to health and wellbeing, and that by becoming the architects of our own vitality, we have the tools to protect ourselves as we age. We believe that health and wellness is not merely the absence of illness, but a balance of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Our unique approach to health and wellness combines cutting-edge medicine with bespoke lifestyle and nutrition plans, shifting the whole-body and ageing processes in favour of regeneration and rejuvenation. We believe long-term changes are achieved only with a combination of our four holistic pillars:

  • Medical Care
  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Wellness

These four pillars support each other and work together as a whole to promote energy production and cellular growth. Expert spa and medical specialists personally oversee the philosophy and science behind our programmes.

At Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics and Medical Spa, we strive for perfection every day, implementing the highest level of detail, offering the most exclusive experiences.

We believe that you are unique and therefore your health partner should be too. In a fast-paced world Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics and Medical Spa is your sanctuary. When you leave, you step into a different future.



Relax and recharge so your inner balance reveals itself. Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics and Medical Spa brings together a selection of blissful wellbeing rituals to eliminate stress and heal the body and mind with the latest in skin renewal science through indulgent treatments that promote a continuous transformation.


Exercise builds muscle cells which lead to more energy. Keeping moving helps lower stress levels, increase cognitive and mental abilities, and reverses age-related muscle loss of strength and power.


What you eat affects how long you live and the way you feel every day. Good nutrition promotes healthy ageing by reinforcing your immune system, by protecting your brain, by playing a role in building your muscles, and by feeding your skin, joints and vessels.

Cellular Rejuvenation

Healthy cells make a healthier you. Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics and Medical Spa offers extensive experience with effective and advanced personalized regenerative and aesthetic medical treatments. Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics and Medical Spa combines Clinique La Prairie’s expertise in muscle toning & anti-ageing treatmen with Thailand’s most innovative, next-generation approach to medical and aesthetic therapies.