Our Exclusive Offer for GHA DISCOVERY members

Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas introduces Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics and Medical Spa Bangkok, Thailand.

A retreat from the hectic pace of city life, this luxurious haven of wellbeing and rejuvenation offers health coaching, pioneering therapies, and forever young treatments in line with our commitment to help and inspire guests live a healthier, longer, and better life. We take guests on a journey of transformative wellness, creating a personalised path to looking and feeling good on the inside and out.

Our unique approach to health and wellness combines cutting-edge medicine with bespoke lifestyle and nutrition plans, shifting the whole-body and ageing processes in favour of regeneration and rejuvenation. We believe long term changes are achieved only with a combination of our 4 holistic pillars: Medical, Nutrition, Wellbeing, Movement.

Health & longevity on a busy schedule – Our Experiences
We acknowledge that in modern life, time is a limited resource, even for our own health and wellbeing. With this in mind, we have developed our Rebalance, Energy, and Glow experiences, so you can quickly recover from everyday age-inducing, life stressors that can physically drain you, impair your ability to fight infections, and diminish the vitality of your skin and physical appearance.

Our Offer:

The Energy Experience (3 hours)
Whether due to poor nutrition, a series of late nights at work or play, or recovering from a period of illness, we all experience a lack of energy at times for a variety of reasons. To help you quickly recover from these energy draining periods, Energy experience was designed to boost your vitality and increase your energy.

Programme Includes:
– A medical consultation with body composition analysis that includes your muscle to fat ratio for insight into your physical fitness status
– A health & energy nutritional workshop
– Our Revitalising Clinique La Prairie signature massage designed to awaken and reinvigorate the musculoskeletal components of the body
– A Clinique La prairie Energising IV infusion formulated to hydrate the body, improve metabolism, and supplement the nervous and musculoskeletal system
– A Clinique La Prairie energising tea

Complimentary only for GHA DISCOVERY members, additional 30 mins energising scrub