Longevity Packs

Protocols for a Healthy Routine

Most of us would like to live long and healthy lives, but often we do not know where to start. At Clinique La Prairie, part of our mission is to reach and inspire those who would like to begin their journey of health and longevity. We designed our Age-Defy, Purity, and Beauty Inside & Out packs to provide our clients with an in-depth introduction to lifestyle changes they can begin to make towards preventing disease, and living a long and healthy life, utilizing the best available advances in knowledge, diagnostics, and treatment from the longevity sciences.

Age-Defy Pack
Slow down the ageing process, boost the immune system, and maximise your energy and metabolism.
Beauty Inside & Out Pack
Repair damage, slow down the cellular ageing process, and restore a radiant, healthy appearance.
Purity Pack
Reduce and protect against cellular damage, detoxify the body and slow down the premature ageing.