Purity Pack

Our biological detoxifying systems are normally capable of eliminating the toxins that are generated from our natural metabolic processes. However, exposure from toxins in our industrialised world and overconsuming unnecessary foods and substances create an additional burden that can easily overwhelm these systems. Eventually, toxins and metabolites begin to accumulate in our bodies at levels which create excess oxidative stress, and damage to our cells. This often results in inflammatory diseases, and premature ageing of our skin and organs. Therefore, it is often essential to periodically assist our natural detoxifying system with a detox routine. A detox routine can also enhance the effectiveness of a weight loss, longevity, or menopause treatment, and can help the body to naturally reset after the discontinuation of oral contraceptives, or medications taken for a prolonged period.


  • Reduce and protect against cellular oxidative damage through an anti-inflammatory diet rich in natural antioxidants
  • Detoxify the body of heavy metals accumulated over time, to assist in the slowing down of the premature ageing of cells
  • Acquire take-home methods of reducing and eliminating exposure to exogenous toxicants that can unknowingly accumulate over the years due to lifestyle and dietary choices